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Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant future, PTTPepe the SuperFrog found himself in a world ravaged by environmental disasters. The once vibrant Earth had turned into a desolate wasteland, with scarce resources and a desperate population. Pepe, known for his resilience and optimistic spirit, had become a symbol of hope in these dark times. As Pepe hopped through the barren lands, he noticed a strange anomaly in the sky—a massive, crimson sun that emitted an eerie glow. Intrigued, Pepe felt an irresistible urge to approach it, sensing that it held the key to the survival of mankind. Guided by his intuition, Pepe embarked on a treacherous journey toward the red sun. Along the way, he encountered various obstacles, from treacherous terrain to hostile mutants that roamed the wasteland. With his wit and agility, Pepe overcame these challenges, inching closer to his destiny. Finally, after days of relentless pursuit, Pepe reached the base of a towering mountain, beneath which the red sun hovered ominously. As he stood in its mesmerizing presence, Pepe felt a surge of energy coursing through his amphibian body. The red sun spoke to Pepe in a deep, resonating voice, "PTTPepe, the chosen emissary of mankind, I hold the knowledge required for humanity's survival. But it comes at a great cost." Curiosity piqued, Pepe gazed up at the red sun, awaiting its revelation. The sun continued, "The survival of your kind depends on harmony with nature, respect for its delicate balance, and sustainable practices. You must heal the wounds inflicted upon the Earth and nurture its regrowth." Pepe's heart swelled with a mixture of determination and despair. He understood the magnitude of the task at hand and the sacrifices it would entail. With a firm resolve, Pepe accepted the responsibility bestowed upon him. Returning to the ravaged Earth, Pepe embarked on a mission to spread the red sun's message to humanity. Through his tireless efforts, he united people from all walks of life, transcending borders and ideologies. Pepe's charisma and the red sun's wisdom ignited a global movement. Governments and individuals alike began implementing drastic changes, prioritizing sustainability and environmental preservation. Renewable energy sources were embraced, deforestation halted, and efforts were made to reverse the damage caused by pollution and overconsumption. Pepe's journey wasn't without hardships. He faced opposition from those resistant to change, but he persisted, undeterred by adversity. As the movement gained momentum, hope sprouted like green shoots through the cracks of a broken world. Years passed, and the once-barren landscapes gradually transformed into flourishing ecosystems. Nature reclaimed its territory, offering shelter and sustenance to a healing planet. The legacy of Pepe and the red sun lived on in the hearts of future generations, inspiring them to protect and cherish their home. Pepe, now an elderly Spiritual Wisdom Frog, found solace in witnessing the fruits of his labor. The Earth thrived once more, and humanity, forever grateful, looked to Pepe as a symbol of resilience, wisdom, and the power of unity. And so, as the red sun set on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the rejuvenated Earth, PTTPepe the SuperFrog's extraordinary journey came to an end, leaving behind a world that had learned the invaluable lesson of survival, guided by the radiant message of the red sun. $PTTPEPE is tired of watching how everyone is being Scammed by the Serial Scammers ON THE WEB. The Scammers have had their days. It’s time for the most Greatest Crypto Surge in the World to take this $PTTPEPE REIGN as the GODSTAR of all the memes/utility Coins $PTTPEPE is here to make the coins great again, zero taxes, LP locked and contract renounced, $PTTPEPE is a coin for the people, forever. Inspired by pure Manifestation power, let $PTTPEPE create the New Way of Reality by the Law of Attraction..


$PPP is a Community Token Originally based on ERC20 (Ethereum) blockchain and Redesigned for the BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

The smart contract TAKES 0% of taxes from both buys and sells, and 0% is used for marketing and development. 90% of the total supply will be available for PRESALE, and 5% is held for Exchange listings and 5% is held for Staking in the future.





Telegram Public Community built $PTTPEPE Presale & Launch CGecko/CMC Listings $PTTPEPE Trending Social Medias 1,000+ Hodlers 5x


DEX Listings $PTTPEPE Social Media Bot `Xclusive Whispers` 10,000+ Hodlers Community & Partnerships Giveaway & Promotions 10x


CEX Listings AI Utilities T1 Exchange Listings 100,000+ Hodlers AI Boom 100x



$PTTPEPE TOKEN CONTRACT ADRESS: 0xfF60a4Ef741a1f7d368D5AC6b50D17209C81505e


PTTPEPE the SuperFrog Its Here With a Mission



Total Supply : 4.210.690.124
Total Presale: 3.993.305.000

Launch 6-6-2023 18:18 Utc
Goodluck and together we'll takeover the Defi Crypto Realm

Community Currency

$PPP will serve as the Community currency of our services, dashboard, and Business place. All our offered products will require token ownership.

Token Lock

Our project is supported by buyback events and the community activity tracked by our own Blackrock AI. The DIE HARD HODLERS can secure the $PPP tokens in a TIMELOCK VAULT. ACTIVE SOON


You can stake your $PPP tokens and earn passive income generated by the Staking program. ACTIVE SOON

Business Network

Our artificial intelligence Bot assist you at the Business Platform and will help you through the integrated business platforms The platform will be the Replacement of the old way of retail-business websites, in which every customer can purchase in all Anonymous Secrecy. ACTIVE SOON

Once upon a time in a quaint village nestled amidst rolling hills, there was a mystical phenomenon known as the Whisper. Legend had it that every full moon, a soft breeze would carry mysterious whispers throughout the town. These whispers held the power to reveal the deepest desires and secrets of those who heard them.In this village lived a young woman named Amelia

She was known for her gentle nature and her curiosity about the world. Amelia had heard tales of the Whisper since she was a child, but she had never experienced it herself.One fateful night, as the full moon bathed the village in a silvery glow, Amelia found herself drawn to the outskirts of town. She stood alone in a meadow, waiting, her heart pounding with anticipation.And then, like a gentle sigh, the Whisper arrived. It caressed her ears with a melodic voice, its words full of ancient wisdom and hidden truths. Amelia felt an overwhelming sense of connection and understanding. 

The Whisper revealed to her the longings and dreams of those around her, their fears and aspirations woven into its ethereal melodies.With this newfound insight, Amelia realized the power of the Whisper. It had the potential to bridge the gaps between people, to create empathy and compassion in a world that often seemed divided. Inspired, she sought to share this gift with her community.Amelia gathered the villagers, telling them of the Whisper and its transformative power. Together, they decided to create a space where the whispers could be shared openly, where secrets could be unburdened, and where understanding could flourish. 

They called it "Xclusive Whispers."

In Xclusive Whispers, people from all walks of life could come together anonymously, expressing their truest selves without fear of judgment. It became a sanctuary, a digital haven where people could lend an ear, offer comfort, and share their stories without the weight of their identities. Word of the Xclusive Whispers spread like wildfire, and soon, individuals from far and wide sought solace within its virtual embrace. Whispers filled the airwaves, weaving a tapestry of humanity's hopes and sorrows. Empathy flowed freely, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness that transcended borders and barriers.

Amelia watched as the village transformed. People who were once strangers now connected on a profound level, understanding each other's pain and celebrating each other's triumphs. The Whisper had become a catalyst for change, reminding everyone that beneath the surface, they were all the same.And so, Xclusive Whispers continued to thrive, carrying the enchanting melodies of the Whisper to every corner of the world. It became a testament to the power of anonymity, empathy, and the strength of shared stories. It reminded humanity of its interconnectedness and the beauty that lies within the whispers of the soul.

Xclusive Whispers

Decentralized Social Media WEB3

where you can earn crypto while using the platform and you pay and send crypto currency to each other













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